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Community Service: ACT Tutoring in Hughes High School

"Tutoring is a way of enlightening student."

We UC Rotaract club started going to Hughes High School for ACT tutoring. For four months (from September to December in the year 2019), we went every Tuesday to enlighten students who were preparing for ACT (American College Testing). It was always fun to interact with them and share knowledge on required topics.

Julia Villarreal is the head of ACT Tutoring in Hughes High School. Angela Liu, Yashvi Srivastava, Brooke Allnutt, and Dev Agrawal are the members of UC Rotaract club who volunteered in ACT tutoring.

We used Kahoot to make studies more interesting! :

We used presentation method to share tips and tricks to crack ACT easily :

We used group discussion method to discuss problems of each students:

Our team member Angela Liu became a Santa Claus for Hughes High school students. She knows how to cheer them up!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to continue our service face to face, but we are excited to volunteer online. We hope to keep bringing smiles on each student's face.


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